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  • D4815RS - Panther D4815RS - Panther
  • D4815RS - Panther D4815RS - Panther
  • D4815RS - Panther D4815RS - Panther
  • D4815RS - Panther D4815RS - Panther
  • D4815RS - Panther D4815RS - Panther

D4815RS - Panther

Modern Low Poly design resin sculpture with mirror effect
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ADM resin's sculptures are fruit of our quest to create perfect objects for decorating contemporary and trendy environments with taste, colour and imagination.

The majority of these objects are created in resin, a popular material in the production of home décor products.

To create a sculpture in resin the process is a completely artisan one. The ideas of our designers are transferred to paper in the form of sketches. Then skilled sculptors create a clay model by hand - also called a "soul"- which is then used to create the rubber mould. The resin is added to a liquid hardener and manually poured into the moulds. Once the resin has hardened, the moulds are opened, extracting the rough sculptures that must be cleaned of burrs or processing residues, repaired, sanded and manually washed before being decorated. Once the surface of the piece is perfect, a spray of thick paint called "primer" is applied, which becomes the base for the final decoration. This will vary depending on whether the desired result is matte, glossy, metallic or other. In case the sculpture cannot stand on its own, it is mounted on a marble support that makes it stable.

You can now see how much manual work is required to create these works before they are ready to decorate your home, and how different their craftsmanship value is in comparison to plastic objects mass produced with automatic machines.

Each item is shipped in appropriate packaging accompanied by a certificate of craftsmanship.

Item dimensions H x W x D
14 x 45 x 9 cm
Item weight Kg
Reproduced author
ADM Team
Base material
Mirror effect
Low Poly
Certificate of craftsmanship