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Edgar Ramirez

Edgar Ramirez

Designer, painter, sculptor, interior decorator, a self-taught artist with natural taste.

He was born in a tiny city in the province of Bogotá, in Columbia, in 1970.

As his family prevented him from developing his natural gift for art, he left his country of origin at a very young age to seek his true path in life.  He traveled the world, living in London and Paris for several years, where he took simple jobs  that allowed him to explore his artistic side.  Having moved to Italy at the beginning of 2000, he finally discovered how to put his experience to good use, creating several valuable paintings and sculptures, and thanks to his cooperation with his life partner Paolo Rossini, he is now a well-known and respected figure in the art and interior decor market.


Paolo Rossini

Edgar Ramirez

An ingenious, versatile artist who was born in Milan in 1960.  His natural gift for art led him to approach portrait art following several years of experimentation in different fields.

In his works, he combines the technique of oil painting or acrylic on canvas with the use of different types of decorative materials that turn his paintings into true masterpieces of imagination and creativity.

At the beginning of 2000, he met his life partner Edgar Ramirez, and this encouraged him to experiment with new forms of art such as sculpture. Today they collaborate to create objects of art and decoration that are held in high regard in the global market.