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Furniture bonus: ADM's furnishings are now also eligible for tax deductions

In 2022, the tax breaks were renewed for the purchase of home appliances and furniture. Furniture from Arte Dal Mondo can also be included in purchases eligible for the furniture bonus. However, some instructions must be followed to apply for it. The following is a short explanation of how to take advantage of bonuses.


What is the furniture bonus and how do you apply for it?

The furniture bonus tax breaks allow a reduction in personal income tax (IRPEF) equal to 50 percent of the expenditure on furniture and household appliances. For example, by purchasing a sofa and a coffee table from the ADM line with an average expenditure of €2,000, you will be able to receive an IRPEF deduction of €1,000, divided into 10 installments disbursed over 10 years. However, it is necessary to comply with the maximum expenditure limit stated in the guidelines, which is:

  • € 16000 for 2021
  • € 10000 for 2022
  • € 5,000 for 2023 and 2024
  • The bonus is currently valid until December 2024, the last date for purchases to be deducted. The reference period for deductions starts from January 1 of the year before the purchases but not before January 1, 2021. Payment will only be granted through anIRPEF tax refund which will take place in 10 total instalments spread over 10 years.

    The furniture bonus, however, can only be claimed if combined with a renovation bonus and not alone. So if you have already started procedures to take advantage of the bonus related to building renovation work, you can also combine this benefit with the bonus on furniture and appliances. Both bonuses must be claimed by the same person to be validated. For example, in the case of two spouses, the bonuses should both be in the name of one spouse only. The expenses incurred can be entered directly while filling out the tax return in form 730.

    Take care withpayments, however: to be recognized in the bonus benefits, they must be made exclusively by ordinary bank transfer (not necessarily talking), credit card or debit card.

    The furniture bonus also includes the purchase of home appliances which, however, must have the following energy classes to be eligible for the tax deduction:

  • Energy class above E for washing machines and dishwashers
  • Class above A for ovens
  • Class above F for refrigerators and freezers
  • Once the purchases have been made, however, you will need to keep the following documents in order to prove the purchases:

  • bank transfer receipt;
  • transaction receipt (for credit or debit card payments);
  • direct debit documentation from bank account;
  • invoices or receipts for the purchase of goods showing the type, quality and quantity of goods purchased. If you have placed an order with ADM, contact us at this email address [email protected] and we will provide you with the necessary tax documentation for the bonus.
  • Please remember that the maximum expense for deductions for the year 2022 is €10000. Contact ADM staff to clarify all questions about furniture bonus orders.


    Furniture from Arte Dal Mondo is eligible for tax bonuses

    In the "furniture" section of ADM you will find many design proposals for you to furnish your home. Sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and console tables are just a few of the categories offered in Arte Dal Mondo's selection of furniture.

    The purchase of our furniture entitles you to take advantage of tax deductions, so read the following instructions carefully to obtain the documents we need to provide you with in order to claim the bonus:

    1) Choose a product from ADM's furniture section.
    2) Put the product in your cart
    3) Enter your information and complete your purchase by choosing one of the traceable forms of payment allowed by Internal Revenue Service regulations
    4) Send us an email to [email protected] in which you request the purchase invoice for your order
    5) Obtain all other documents by following the procedure specified by the Internal Revenue Service for applying for the bonus