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3D wooden puzzles

ADM Design wooden 3D puzzles are created by our designers in order to offer innovative furnishing solutions to decorate your home with inspiration and originality, such as special paintings and metallic wall sculptures. The 3D wooden puzzles by ADM Design represent trophies to hang on the walls and are animal-shaped such as deer, elk, unicorn, bull and others. In this product category you will also find funny subjects, characterised by an attractive design, which once placed in the house will give a modern and original touch that will not fail to catch the eye of the visitor.

Would you like to enhance the interior of your home by hanging wooden works of art on the walls? In the DM's catalogue of 3D puzzles, you will find trophies to hang on the wall representing wooden animals made using the puzzle technique. In addition, ADM offers you an innovative selection of 3D collage paintings for wall decoration, a non-conformist alternative to traditional paintings.

The selection of 3D puzzles is organised into categories to make the choice easier. For more information on the sale of wooden 3D puzzles, please contact us using the contact details available in the Contact Us section.

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