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Resin statues for restaurants, public places and hotels

Art outside of museums, ideas and artistic creations aimed at promoting creativity and the culture of decoration through the installation of sculptures in public places, restaurants, hotels and public places in general.

There are currently many solutions for furnishing public spaces through the modern languages of contemporary art. When talking about decorating public spaces through artistic artisan works, it is necessary to choose the right furniture decorative element according to the style of the place and what you want to communicate to the public through the interior design.

The best options for decorating public spaces such as restaurants, hotels and clubs include artistic resin statues. The constant search for new solutions for furnishing and decoration, the development of new techniques and the various experiments in artistic craftsmanship encouraged the introduction of new artistic creations in resin, where the skill of the artist is combined with the material properties of resin.

Choose an ADM resin statue for your place and make it unique!

Today, the use of resin for artistic purposes is becoming increasingly popular. Resin is an easily workable material, it does not require special equipment, nor sophisticated laboratories, but at the same time a good creation cannot ignore the skills of the artisan.

The experienced team of artisans of ADM Design, processes the resin in order to create true artisan artworks, that is, made through manual techniques of resin processing. This allows us to offer only unique pieces, each of which is accompanied by its own certificate of craftsmanship. In no case we produce sculptures in series, our philosophy is based on the principle that each work should be characterized by a unique creative and artistic value, so as to enhance and make valuable any place where our creations are installed.

Example of a piano bar furnished with resin sculptures

Design, quality and refinement: sculptures for restaurants, hotels and public venues that make the difference

The installation of a resin statue in your restaurant or hotel is always recommendable, so you may give a strong identity to the environment simply with the presence of an artistic element. Let us take the case of the hall of a hotel furnished with refinement and soft colours, but without a strong aesthetic factor that transmits character to the environment: in this case, placing a resin design sculpture that creates an elegant colour contrast breaking the seriousness of the environment is ideal to give a touch of inspiration to the hotel.

Visual art tends to capture the attention of viewers, which is an additional reason to decorate the interior of your premises with artistic elements, even flashy that do not go unnoticed by the eyes of visitors.

There is also a functional aspect for which it is advantageous to decorate the interior with artworks in resin: the various sculptures can help to define the identity of the various environments. In a restaurant with halls designed with different styles of furniture, for example, you can give the rooms the atmosphere you want.

The resin sculptures of ADM Design are suitable for decorating any environment: they range from resin statues with a modern and abstract design to wall sculptures depicting animals and human faces. The solutions offered are many, the resin is the lowest common denominator, but the colours, styles and finishes are many and varied, able to adapt themselves to any requirement of contemporary furniture. Our creations are known to be real furniture accessories, able to decorate in an elegant and exclusive way any type of indoor environment.

In terms of volumes and sizes, the range is wide, some resin statues are available in multiple formats of small, medium and large sizes and you will have the possibility to place even more artworks in a single environment, creating a true artistic composition of furniture.

Resin sculptures for restaurants and hotels represent exclusive decorative elements, especially when they come from an artisan process that makes them unique and unrepeatable as only handmade works of art can be.

Our resin statues for environments and public places combine passion, art and design in a single product that can transform any room into a more creative, charming and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Hotel entrance embellished with resin statues

From the artisan's workshop to our online catalogue: discover the catalogue of ADM resin statues!

In addition to the high aesthetic yield, buying a work of art made of resin by our artisans means owning a unique piece, handmade, with the strengths and imperfections that the artisan process itself involves. Everything is the result of manual work that has its roots in artistic craftsmanship, where, for the creations, special equipment is not used that can replicate an endless number of pieces in series, but where the skill and passion of the artisan shape an idea, an emotion or a dream.

The difference between our artisan resin sculptures and serial sculptures exists and is visible, the choice between one or the other depends on personal taste and budget.

The solutions proposed by ADM Design are countless: rely on us both for the choice of the most suitable resin sculpture for furnishing your venue, and for receiving artistic consultation from those who made art their philosophy of life! Write us at [email protected] or contact us through the contact details in the Contact Us section of the website.