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  • EP184 - Ballerina EP184 - Ballerina
  • EP184 - Ballerina EP184 - Ballerina
  • EP184 - Ballerina EP184 - Ballerina
  • EP184 - Ballerina EP184 - Ballerina
  • EP184 - Ballerina EP184 - Ballerina

EP184 - Ballerina

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Art Decò patinated bronze sculpture with marble base
Product Details
ADM design's bronze sculptures are still created with the ancient artisan technique of lost-wax casting. The artisan experts of our foundry create these beautiful works of art following a process which has stood the test of time. The ideas of our designers are transferred to paper in the form of sketches. Then skilled sculptors create a clay model by hand - also called a "soul"- which is then used to create the rubber mould. Using the mould we make only enough wax copies for the number of bronze sculptures to be made (we always and only make small series). Ducts of wax are fitted on to these and the whole object is drowned in a terracotta shell. The piece, manufactured as described, is heated to melt the wax that flows from the terracotta shell. The space left by the wax is then filled with molten bronze. Once the bronze has solidified, the shell is removed, freeing the rough piece. This piece must be cleaned by sanding and retouching the details, and then prepared for patination. Patination is a superficial chemical process via which the sculpture obtains its final colour. You can now see how much manual work is required to create these precious works before they are ready to decorate your home. Bronze, used as a prime sculpture material, is mainly made of copper, a material that is becoming more and more expensive. By purchasing one of ADM design's bronze creations, you will not only tastefully decorate your home but also make an investment destined to increase in value over time. Every sculpture comes with a certificate of craftsmanship.
Item dimensions H x W x D
48 x 11 x 11 cm
Reproduced author
Base material
Art Deco