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Tiffany style floor lamps

Creating a light source in the living rooms of the house, embellishing at the same time the furniture of the room with a valuable object of art with a retro taste: the Tiffany-style floor lamps in the ADM Design catalogue are not simply furniture accessories, but enchanting works of art with a timeless charm, the result of a long process of craftsmanship and the creative inspiration of a team of expert designers.

Refined, cared in every single detail, made using top-quality materials and capable of embodying the spirit of the original

Tiffany creations: these floor lamps can be combined with classic or modern furnishing styles, adding a touch of personality and colour to your home. To further investigate the characteristics of each item and view their photo galleries, simply select the desired floor lamp and browse through the product data sheet. For any further information on the features of the Tiffany style floor lamps or for a consultation on the choice, please refer to the Contact Us section.

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4 Item(s)