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Wooden 3D puzzles furniture

In this category of products more than in all the others you will notice that the mantra pursued by Arte Dal Mondo is: to amaze. Always and in any case, first and foremost the clients who will take home one of our works of art or one of our pieces of furniture, which will be seen by their guests who in turn cannot fail to be amazed by our pieces of furniture. The symbol of this mantra is the ADM design three-dimensional wooden puzzle, the result of the creative work of our designers aimed at offering new solutions to decorate your homes with taste.

These are pieces of furniture made of wooden slabs cut into suitably shaped parts which you can then assemble with extreme easiness and place on the wall, on furniture or on the floor depending on the use. A perfect solution for children's rooms, but also for adding a fresh, original touch to living areas. In this product category we find animal subjects with an attractive design, which will give your home a modern and original character that will not go unnoticed.

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