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  • AS397X1 - Coloured Flowers AS397X1 - Coloured Flowers
  • AS397X1 - Coloured Flowers AS397X1 - Coloured Flowers
  • AS397X1 - Coloured Flowers AS397X1 - Coloured Flowers

AS397X1 - Coloured Flowers

Modern floral painting, hand painted on thick gallery-grade canvas
Product Details

In this painting we see a floral composition consisting of blooming flowers and buds. The buds have a pale orange colour, while the bloomed flowers have an abstract multi-coloured pattern. We can clearly see the presence of the three primary colours applied with thick brush strokes on the white background of the petals. The effect of the shades creates a romantic, almost fairy-tale atmosphere. The colours, while maintaining their accurate design, end up touching each other, creating opacity in the whole figure. The flowers are held up by branches, which in turn are placed on a background that mixes white with various shades of brown, orange and yellow. On this background it is as if a dry brush was used, creating a grid over the whole artwork, a texture that places an invisible veil over all the figures.

This work is 50 cm high and 150 cm wide and was created by artist Paolo Rossini using the technique of acrylic on canvas. In addition to its artistic value, we should not forget the purely aesthetic beauty of this artwork, which is comparable to a wonderful signature item that can furnish a wall with its mere presence. The pictures show a furnishing example combined with this painting.

Item dimensions H x W x D
50 x 150 x 3,5 cm
Item weight Kg
Reproduced author
Paolo Rossini
Acrylic on canvas
Certificate of craftsmanship
Aesthetic wooden frame: the painted canvas also covers the sides
Details 2
Ready to hang on the wall